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Work Culture

We strive to give our team members the opportunity to make a difference. In our caring work environment, each and every team member is considered an individual with potential to advance. Access to decision-makers is uncomplicated and opportunities abound for motivated team members who want to “make it happen.” An inherent wish to exceed expectations and to advance ties us together and makes us feel part of a harmonious team. Anyone who cares to make a difference in our guests’ stay, the hotels’ future and in their personal lives can have successful careers at The Palms Hotel & Spa and Circa 39 Hotel.

Our Service Standards

Our Service Standards outline our commitment to our guests for the services we provide. They describe what our guests can expect to receive from our service and how our service will be delivered. They are integral to the running of the hotel as they help us to internally hold each and every one of us accountable for and ensure consistency of the level of service we provide to our guests.

  • Be courteous – Be you
    • Be open and welcoming
    • Be refined at all times
    • Represent the hotel
  • Show that you really care
    • Anticipate needs – exceed expectations
    • Pay attention to detail
    • Know the guest’s preferences
    • Own the request
  • Work as a team
    • Act together to find solutions – share information
    • Trust and rely on your team members
    • Support and respect each other

Our Values

Our values are the DNA of the hotel. The attributes that lie at our core and the beliefs that are meaningful to everyone at the hotel. They were selected with the input from managers and line-level employees alike and help us focus our priorities in everything we stand for at the hotel as well as everything we do.

Integrity: We are committed to always doing what is right.
Passion: We are enthusiastic about caring for the hotel, our guests, the environment and each other.
Pride: We are proud to be part of The Palms family.
Respect: We respect our colleagues, our guests and the environment
Individuality: We recognize and welcome each team member and their contributions.
Teamwork: We work better together by supporting and relying on each other.
Consistency: We provide quality service all the time and every time.
Attention to Detail: We look for the little things that can make a difference.
Health Consciousness: We care for our health and support a wholesome lifestyle.
Environmental Friendliness: We strive to lessen the hotels’ and the guests impact on the environment.
Family Friendliness: We consider ourselves one big family. Our goal is to ensure families feel completely at home when staying at our hotel.